Visita base U.S.Navy



The students of Fifth D Class from the Istituto Tecnico Nautico in Torre del Greco visited the US Naval Support Activity last Friday. It was the first live experience in American US Navy Base and it was really unforgettable.

In the structure we have visited the chapel, library, gym, food court, fire department and air operations.

The hospitality was  very efficient and warm, and the staff very friendly. Giving tours of the different facilities on base was a great way for us to get to exchange with American people.

The most entertaining part of the visit came when we got to an hangar where  we saw  the military helicopter called WH-60 Black Hawk and a plane. It was absolutely amazing to  take a closer look of a Military helicopter which we only had watched on T.V.

The plane was a little disappointing, mainly because we couldn't see its cockpit. We lost our interest at this point although when the pilot was explaining the main features of the plane we seemed to be part of a movie.

This was a great experience because for the first time we communicated with the American army. It is definitely worth going to see. The live experience was simply unforgettable.

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